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Misleading Property Tax Letters

Misleading Property Tax Letters

You have very likely received numerous solicitation letters from other tax consulting firms that set very high expectations of reductions and savings; we know, because each year our clients send us the letters they received from these firms.

We believe most of these promises and expectations are misleading, but they do present an appealing offering and it does deserve to be analyzed. Items which have come to our attention that are beyond realistic and rational and defy common sense include statements that purport:

  1. You are over-appraised by a very large amount compared to other homes.
    When we analyze the “Comps” in their analysis we almost find there is a valid reason that you are appraised higher. Incorporating important details such as year-built, relative size, condition, land value, type and class of home, neighborhood, etc., make a significant difference that does not show up in a gross/superficial comparison.
  2. Your value is too high by a significantly large percentage, ranging up to 30-40%.
    It is rare to zero that an Appraisal District will be off by even 15% in determining an appraised value, much less miss the correct value by an even larger percentage; this logic moves into the realm of wishful thinking (i.e., “deluding yourself”).
  3. Your potential tax savings will reoccur every year for the next three years and will result in an incredible high tax savings.

    The appraisal district almost never leaved the value unchanged from the reduced value obtained in the first year. Appraised values and savings are only good for one year; each tax year stands on its own.

  4. The Comps listed, actually all the data used, is last year’s data.
    We also seem to find that the “Comps” are the lowest valued homes in the neighborhood, and we usually find a valid reason why these homes are valued below yours.
  5. None of the Comps listed are “sales”, they are NOT “Sales Comps”. Instead, they are just appraised values of other homes, none of them “sold”. To prepare a Market Value analysis comparison you must use homes that actually sold. Their analysis, and the resulting conclusions, might be interesting, but they are in NO way a Market analysis of houses that actually sold.

How NTPTS Delivers Genuine Value

You will never receive a superficial analysis from NTPTS for a number of reasons. We won’t send out letters with merely last year’s information, or one that lists homes that are not really sales comps, or an analysis that fails to adjust for the differences between your home and true Sales Comps.

And we absolutely will never estimate savings without a thorough analysis of your home using the most up to date real sales comps and other relevant data.

Whereas other firms only examine select factors to try to mislead you as to the amount of savings you can expect, NTPTS evaluates all dimensions of the factors affecting the appraisal value on your home. We go to much further lengths to be realistic.

So don’t be lured by statistics and analysis that appear to be “too good to be true”. Insist on working with a firm like NTPTS that takes into account the entire picture and presents an accurate and compelling case to the Board of Appeals on your behalf. So, call us today.