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Required Documents and Forms

Your Required Documents and Forms

NTPTS is only accepting new clients for 2017 if they received a letter in the mail from us containing a Property Representation Agreement.  If you received this letter you MUST return a signed copy of the agreement to us today by email at or fax 214-954-4326 by 3pm.  If we do not receive your signed agreement by 3pm, we will not be able to protest your 2017 property valuation.  Unfortunately, if you did not receive an agreement in the mail we will not be able to handle your 2017 property valuation appeal.

Return the completed forms to us by eMail to, or by Fax to 214-954-4326 BY 3:00 PM, 05/31/2017.

Upon receipt we will send you an email confirming that we have received your documents.
If you do not receive our confirmation in a reasonable time after transmitting please call us.

Call if you have any questions at all.

We look forward to working with you.